Monday, April 17, 2017

Ashes to Ashes, Concrete to Dust

Nobody knew where they came from, and nobody cared to know. What everyone did know was that they were a nuisance to everyone in the town. Even Rick, who usually didn't get angry at others, was absolutely furious when he discovered two of the women carefully planting Daffodils in the cracks of his already decrepit radio station. When confronted by the angry man, the women only laughed and continued planting. It was obvious they did not care as to what he thought, and in fact seemed act like they fancied themselves to be the most important people in the town. Rick had already reported on their antics in the parking lot, but he didn't mind that as his old GMC pickup had died years ago. But this, this was too far. Unfortunately for Rick, there wasn't much he could do, save yell obscenities at them. There might have been a police force he could, Rick wasn't sure, as he hadn't seen a policeman in this city for years, but he always assumed there was, as he found the idea that there was no police to be utterly ridiculous, even in a place like this. Of course at the same time, this was the first time he had ever needed a policeman in years, so perhaps that had something to do with the matter. The women didn't seem to be the sort to even give a policeman any mind. There was something eerie about them, as if they didn't belong. They kept repeating the same few words as they planted, something Rick assumed to be their mantra or code or whatever.
"Ashes to ashes, concrete to dust."
For what it was worth, Rick had to give them credit where it was due. As much as he despised what they were doing to his station, they were the only people he had ever seen who were actually motivated to do anything about the city, even if it was backwards and utterly idiotic. And so, he begrudgingly let them continue to plant flowers in the walls of his station. He was sure to make a big complaint about the whole situation on air. He knew the women wouldn't hear it, they would be too busy planting flowers or filling other public property with dirt. In fact, he wasn't sure exactly who listened to his radio show. Every time he had ever asked anyone about it they just kind of nodded and said "it's fine I guess."


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